Silicone softener TS-666

Silicone softener

Silicone softener TS-666 is suitable for finishing cotton, linen, silk, wool polyester, acrylic denim and other fabrics, giving the fabric a fluffy, thick and smooth feel.

Textile Softener Brightener TS-YH

Textile Softener Brightener

The brightening and softening agent TS-YH is a polymer emulsion polymerized by high viscosity modified silicone polysiloxane.It is a smooth brightening finishing agent for textiles, which can give fabric its softness, brightness and smoothness

Silicone Oil TS-12

Silicone Oil

Silicone Oil TS-12 is an improved product of our company's Amino Silicone Oil series. The emulsion particles are finer and more stable, and distribute evenly when they penetrate into the fiber.

Brightener TS-1640


Brightener TS-1640 is a water-soluble silicone emulsion prepared by polymerization of a high viscosity modified polymethylsiloxane and prepared by a reasonable process

Hydrophilic Silicone Oil TS-868

Hydrophilic Silicone Oil

Hydrophilic Silicone Oil TS-868 has hydrophilic reactive amino groups and is easy to self-emulsify. It is suitable for the basic combination of textile softener and lubricant formulations. TS-868 can be used alone, can also be used together with other silicon or with non-silicon softener, good compatibility

Softener Beads TS-401

Softener Beads

Softener Beads TS-401 with good soft pearl whiteness and low color change can be used in the soft finishing process or washing process of various cellulose fibers and their blends,which can improve the hand feel and service performance of fabrics or garments

Softener Flake TS-827

Softener Flake

Softener Flake is suitable for the soft treatment of cellulose fiber, synthetic fiber, wool and their blends. It can give the fabric a soft, full and smooth feel, with a very low yellowing coefficient, good salt, alkali and electrolyte resistance. It does not contain AEEA and APEO

Fluffing Agent TS-ES

Fluffing Agent

Fluffing Agent is a fluffy soft multi-functional finishing agent

Softener TS-YR


The main components of softener are special structure copolymers

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