Anti back staining detergent

Anti dyeing detergent is a kind of surfactant, which is composed of condensation chemical components of ethylene oxide,etc.our company specially adopts imported materials and Taiwan advanced production technology."Green environmental protection" does not include APEO and NPEO

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Anti back staining detergent TS-HB

Basic parameters

  • PH (1% solution):5.0-6.
  • Water solubility:soluble with anionic/non-ionic auxiliarie
  • Ionic:nonionic polymer
  • Appearance:colorless and transparent liquid

Product characteristics

  1. This product is green and environmentally friendly,excluding APEO,which complies with environmental protection standards
  2. The product is ultra-high concentration,excellent permeability,strong decontamination and cleaning ability
  3. It has a strong cleaning effect on the wax,oil and dirt adhered on the fabric
  4. Strong cleaning and decontamination effect,which will not affect other styles of fabric in finishing
  5. In one bath dyeing,degreasing,shortening the process,improving the efficiency,which has significant effect on preventing the white contamination of the fabric
  6. It can effectively remove the floating color of various fibers,prevent the dye from being deposited on the fabric,and improve the dyeing and printing fastness

Application scope

  1. Pretreatment of synthetic fiber yarns and fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, polyester and acrylic fibers
  2. For one-step scouring and bleaching of knitted fabrics, the effect of net washing is obvious, and the wool effect and whiteness are significantly improved

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