Why denim garments lose their elasticity ?

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High elastic silk material is becoming more and more common in denim fabric, and the elastic quality directly determines the development of denim washing process.Stretch jeans clothing in addition to its poor quality, easy to lose elastic, will also be affected by many external factors.In the process of garment making and washing, elastic denim products often lose ammunition, which is mostly caused by the following problems:

  1. The needle used in denim garment sewing process can be divided into manual needle, called hand sewing needle;Needle for sewing machine; needle weighing machine;Other pins used for sewing, sewing, or marking.In garment sewing process, the most difficult to grasp is sewing the elastic better fabric, the sewing master Turner, is also more difficult to grasp and big nerve-racking, because the needles too thick or sewing is bad can lead to spandex fabric broken shells, blister and deformation, so elastic sewing textile fabrics, to adopt round tip needle, pay special attention to is not used too thick needle, avoid a lot of broken fiber line.

  2. Jeans clothing washing machine speed is too fast, resulting in a large mechanical force will often lead to the loss of elasticity of some fabrics, so try to shorten the time or soak a little too soft, and maintain the appropriate machine speed and speed can reduce the risk of breaking elastic.

  3. When the water temperature in the tank is too high or the time is too long, the fabric will degrade and eventually lead to fracture, so that the fabric will lose its elasticity. Therefore, attention should be paid to controlling the appropriate water temperature.

  4. Because of the different formulas of the softener and silicone oil, some softener and silicone oil have damage to the elasticity, mainly the small amount of solvent in its component has an effect on the elasticity, so we should choose the right softener and ensure the appropriate dosage.

  5. The drying temperature of the denim fabric of the general stretch silk is lower than 60℃, so the high temperature will damage the elastic greatly. Therefore, the elastic protectant should be used before the denim washing to prevent the elastic from being too low and damage the denim fabric, and the risk of breaking the elastic can be appropriately reduced.

The particularity of denim clothing style determines the particularity of its washing and dyeing process, which includes fiber raw material and spinning, pulping and dyeing of denim yarn, finishing of denim fabric and so on.Denim products raw materials and finishing way with each passing day, especially the development of various functional dyes, auxiliaries are leading the cowboy products to personalized, functional, to improve the competitiveness of the denim products, reduce the denim products miss after washing and dyeing processing problems, must analyze the fiber and fabric from the source, before production to the test of all kinds of wash and dye auxiliaries, set the best technology, to strengthen the operation of the line workers in production management, discover problems in time, to improve the quality of the product.