What is enzyme wash in garments?

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  • What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are proteins that catalyze, and enzymes are active, but enzymes are neither microbes nor bacteria, and there is no life.

  • Where do enzymes come from?

Enzymes come from all kinds of organisms in nature, but commercialized enzymes are produced by microbial fermentation.

  • How does the enzyme work?

Enzymes are bio catalysts that catalyze the breakdown of complex substances in nature.

  • Is the enzyme safe?

Enzyme is just a kind of catalyst, there will be no side reactions, and can be naturally degraded, no harm to the environment and human body, so enzyme is a safe auxiliary agent.

  • What enzymes are used in the textile industry?

Mainly used in amylase, cellulase, pectinase,peroxide killer, protein enzyme and so on.

  • What's the role of cellulase?

Cellulase hydrolysis weakens the root of the fiber villi raised from the surface of the fabric. Under the action of mechanical friction, the embrittled villi are separated from the surface of the fabric and the surface of the cellulose is smooth and clean., achieve anti-pilling, lasting as new effect.

  • Benefits of Polished Fabrics?

The surface of the polished fabric is bright and clean, the fabric texture is clear, anti-pilling, and after wearing and washing for many times, it is especially new. after 30 washes, the surface of the polished fabric still does not piss.


  • What are the characteristics of bio polishing enzymes?

Enzymes are known for their stability, safety and environmental protection.